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Manufacturer Comparison Chart

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Manufacturer Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart for 5 major manufacturers including Great Bay Rod Company.  Please call us with any questions

Product Quality Control StandardsGreat Bay RodsSage WinstonRedingtonTFOLoomis
Handcrafted in USA       Yes  Yes   Yes     No    No   Yes
100% of all Fly Rods Hand Tested       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
Individualized Placement of Guides       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
Static Deflection Testing of All Rods Shipped       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
Line Weight Verification of All Rods Shipped       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
100% of All Fly Rods Cast Before Shipping       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
Temperature Controlled Finish Room       Yes  Yes   Yes    Yes   Yes   Yes
Fibreglass Models Available       Yes   No    No     No   Yes    No
REC Reel Seats on All Freshwater Rods       Yes   No    No     No    No   Yes
Aluminum Rod Tube Standard With All Models       Yes  Yes   Yes     No    No   Yes
Original Owner Warranty       Yes  Yes   Yes    Yes   Yes   Yes
Dealer Protection Program       Yes   No    No     No    No    No
Average Fly Rod Cost   $329.99 $573.99 $557.99  $299.69 $210.99 $499.99