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SFT Fiberglass Series Reviewed

SFT Series Reviewed in Tasmanian Sportsfisher

Great Bay Seven Foot Three Weight Fibreglass Fly Rod

The new SFT Series fibreglass rods from the Great Bay Rod company sees a return to a traditional soft action fly rod. While the resurgence in bamboo has received plenty of publicity, there is still a dedicated market for the feel of a fibreglass fly rod.

These rods are unashamedly aimed at small stream fishers who use small flies to target small river dwelling trout- a fast growing segment of the market.Its been a long time since I cast a fibreglass fly rod, however after casting with a SFT Northeast series rod they will be getting a trundle a lot more often. This rod as you would expect is big on short line delicacy and finesse- perfect for small to medium streams. It has enough power to handle bulky dries like hoppers and weighty flies like small bead head nymphs, but its true beauty is the small dry upstream presentation. Fans of traditional actioned rods will love and cherish this rod.

The action of this rod isn't as soft as you'd expect, more smooth than soft. It is a crisp blank, in so far as it is very easy to generate tight loops; however you do need to relax a lot more with the timing and let the loops unfold in their own sweet time. This is the beauty of these rods; they take you back to a time when fishing was about flies and fish, not technology, modulus and line speed!

The rod itself is a deep green blank with maroon wraps- snake guides on the bottom two pieces and single foot guides on the top two sections. These are all laid on perfectly, and in combination with a very nice polished reel seat. The cork is workman-like, and I think if I was to buy one of these rods I'd have it hand polished and sealed- this option looks very smart indeed on one of their other rods I have cast.

The rod uses spigots to join the sections, while looking a little different allows the rod to bend smoothly along its wole length with no fly spots at all. The components are first class- TiN stripper guide and TiN running guides throughout.

As with many rods these days, it comes with an original owner lifetime guarantee, a very smart alloy tube and a cloth rod bag. For more information and purchasing options visit Review by Neil Grose.