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MSR Series

The MSR series of rods represent a smooth casting yet powerful rod for both lakes and rivers. Light weight and medium/fast action rods combined with propietary high modulus graphite give the angler the oppurtunity to load the rod quickly for tight, delicate presentations. It has the ability to hit the other shore with ease. This series of rods is available in lengths 8' to 9' and 2 to 8 weight and will help the angler land the trophy brown favorite pool or riffle. This is truly a versatile rod. REC Recoil titanium guides and Nickel Silver reel seats with Amboyna Burl inserts. And like all great bay rods this rod is simply superb to cast.  

All rods are individually numbered and warranted for the life of the rod. Rod tubes and bags are included with every rod in the series.

  • REC Premium Reel Seat
  • Select Cork Grips
  • REC Recoil Titanium Guides
  • Alignment Dots
  • Amboyna Burl Wood Insert

 MODEL                 STYLE           LENGTH     PRICE      PURCHASE

MSR804-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      8'0"        $359.99        

MSR804-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      8'0"        $359.99         

MSR804-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      8'0"        $359.99         

MSR804-6         4 PIECE 6 WGT      8'0"        $359.99          

MSR864-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      8'6"        $359.99         

MSR864-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      8'6"        $359.99           

MSR864-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      8'6"        $359.99         

MSR864-6         4 PIECE 6 WGT      8'6"        $359.99        

MSR864-7         4 PIECE 7 WGT      8'6"        $359.99         

MSR904-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      9'0"        $359.99         

MSR904-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      9'0"        $359.99          

MSR904-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      9'0"        $359.99        

MSR904-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      9'0"        $359.99           

MSR904-6         4 PIECE 6 WGT      9'0"        $359.99         

MSR904-7         4 PIECE 7 WGT      9'0"        $359.99          

MSR904-8         4 PIECE 8 WGT      9'0"        $359.99           




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MSR Angler Reviews

I had a chance to fish the rod last evening for the first time.  It has gobs of power!  The rod I believe says #5 on it.  I used a Cortland 444 SL line with it.  Casting is easy with a high line speed.  It does dampen well. This rod will do the work of a #7 casting #6 bucktails, #4 wets and even #6 Crazy Charles SS hooks, weighted eyes and all!  I was able to cast this stuff a long distance with no effort at all.  When it came to dry flies and cursing rainbow trout I could get on them fast even at a distance.  It cast well up close also. When it comes to casting it is the best I ever had in my hands. The fit and finish is on a par with any rod out there and better than most.  The tip never once moved on me.  The cork handle is just right. The spacer and reel seat are beautiful and functionally sound.

Bob Skowronski MSR904-6 


Now about the new rod, which in a word is just excellent!  The first day I took it out, a vicious cold front had just blown through...and when I arrived the next morning , I was greeted by sleet and a 40 knot "breeze". It amazed me how far I could punch out casts in these conditions. Also, the line control of this rod was something I really was impressed with. This is perhaps the single best feature...and is a huge asset in these rough trouble casting small dry flies either and perhaps most importantly it handled a 2 pound trout with ease.  

Matt Simmons   MSR904-5 weight