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Winding Brook Series

The Winding Brook series of rods represents a smooth casting, small stream rod. Mid action rods give the angler the oppurtunity to load the rod quickly for the fish in close proximity yet has the ability to hit the other shore to get the undercut banks with ease. This series of rods from 2 to 5 weight will help the angler present a delicate dryfly to the finickiest of fish. The components in this series feature state of the art stripping guides with titanium frames and ceramic inserts. Line guides are all stainless steel single foot guides. Cork grips are made from the highest grade cork available and are hand turned for the perfect fit. Reel seats are beautifully appointed with highly figured wood inserts.












All rods are individually numbered and warranted for the life of the rod. Rod tube and bag are included with every rod in the series.

  • REC Premium Reel Seat
  • Select Cork Grips
  • Stainless Steel Single Foot Guides
  • Alignment Dots

New for 2009 are four new 6 foot and 6.5 foot models in 2 and 3 weight lines. All models are 4 piece and continue the tradition of Great Bay Rod Company having the widest selection of small stream rods of any fly rod manufacturer. All of the new models have a cork and ring reel seat to minimize weight and make these rods fun to fish even with the smallest trout in the brook!

 MODEL                 STYLE           LENGTH     PRICE      PURCHASE

WB602-2         2 PIECE 2 WGT      6'0"        $299.99        

WB602-3         2 PIECE 3 WGT      6'0"        $299.99         

WB602-4         2 PIECE 4 WGT      6'0"        $299.99         

WB602-5         2 PIECE 5 WGT      6'0"        $299.99          

WB702-2         2 PIECE 2 WGT      7'0"        $299.99         

WB702-3         2 PIECE 3 WGT      7'0"        $299.99           

WB702-4         2 PIECE 4 WGT      7'0"        $299.99         

WB702-5         2 PIECE 5 WGT      7'0"        $299.99        

 MODEL                 STYLE           LENGTH     PRICE      PURCHASE

WB604-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      6'0"        $329.99         

WB604-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      6'0"        $329.99         

WB664-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      6'6"        $329.99          

WB664-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      6'6"        $329.99        

WB704-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      7'0"        $329.99           

WB704-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      7'0"        $329.99         

WB704-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      7'0"        $329.99           

WB704-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      7'0"        $329.99        

WB764-2         4 PIECE 2 WGT      7'6"        $329.99           

WB764-3         4 PIECE 3 WGT      7'6"        $329.99           

WB764-4         4 PIECE 4 WGT      7'6"        $329.99           

WB764-5         4 PIECE 5 WGT      7'6"        $329.99        

WB764-6         4 PIECE 6 WGT      7'6"        $329.99              



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Winding Brook Angler Reviews

I took the Winding Brook rod to Branch Brook in Amsden, VT. This is a freestone stream-20 wide with snags and overhanging limbs.  It requires a rod with good roll casting behavior and where a full casting stroke is available, distance is short and the rod must load quickly and be very accurate.  The rod behaved well and made smooth 20+ foot roll casts into tight cover.  I fished through several small riffs and small pools before arriving at a bend and reversing current pool.  A series of casts showed the rods ability to mend line in reversing currents.  Even though the sun was high I was able to stay in the shadows and repeatedly roll cast accurately into the pool.  The strike of a large Brook Trout tested the rod ability to control a fish in current while keeping even pressure on the fish.

Ed Eagan WB704-3 weight Winding Brook  


Recently I was given the opportunity to road test the Great Bay Winding Brook 7'6" 4 weight. The combination was finished well and felt good in the hand.  But it was not until I started casting that I began to really appreciate the benefits of this delightful outfit. Fishing to tight pockets with long leaders, small flies and plenty of greenery/brownery everywhere was a challenge, but the Winding Brook presented the fly delicately and with precision enabling me to land a dozen fish I might not have otherwise. Small streams, smallfish, small rod...Huge fun! 

Barry Gentle WB764-4 weight Winding Brook