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Graphite Fly Rods

Great Bay founded the company on a single line of rods, the Winding Brook series. A beautiful casting graphite fly rod that filled the need for fly anglers in both a small stream environment, as well as a slightly larger river. Since our inception in 2004, we've added an aditional 3 series of rods that cover both freshwater and saltwater enviornments. All Great Bay graphite fly rods consist of proprietary tapers and a belief that a rod does not have to be a telephone pole to be able to cast a line a long distance.

The four series that comprise our graphite series are: 

Winding Brook: Small stream rods in 2 and 4 piece models from 6 foot through 7 foot 6 inch, in line weights 2-6

EMG: 9 foot medium- medium/fast action rods in 4 piece in line weights 2-8

MSR: Medium/fast action rods in 8-9 feet, 4 piece configuration in line weights 2-8

Evolution: Saltwater rods in 9 feet 4 piece configuration in line weights 7-12

All rods feature our proprietary tapers, and a lifetime original owner warranty. To help alleviate the need for this warranty every rod comes with an alluminum rod tube and bag. All our graphite fly rods are hand tested prior to leaving the factory. This consists of a precise placement of guides utilizing static deflection testing, test casting of all fly rods and a careful inspection of the fit and finish.  


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