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Great Bay Rod Company has always prided itself on not "following the (fish) school" when it comes to new rod designs and trends. In fact, we've actually listened to our anglers who are clients who have needs for new models or designs. In this vein we introduced our SFT Fiberglass Series of rods. Introduced in the Fall of 2008, these rods have been one of our more popular series as more anglers take a step back into a slightly more relaxed casting stroke. That's not to say these rods are your Dad's fiberglass rods. Far from it, these rods have more backbone than many of the older fiberglass fly rods like the Shakespeare Wonder Rod that's been handed down from the father of the President of the company.

The three models that comprise this series are: 

Brumby Creek: 5 foot 2 piece models in 2 or 3 weight line

Saxon Creek: 6 foot 6 inch 4 piece models in 2-5 weight line

Northeast: 7 foot 4 piece models in 2-5 weight line

Every model has their own unique characteristics, but come standard with the following hardware: 

  • REC Premium Reel Seat
  • Gloss Green Rod with Ruby Red Thread and Gold Trim Wrap
  • Ceramic Stripper Guides
  • Single Foot Wire Running Guides
  • Hook Keeper
  • Half Wells Premium Cork Grip
  • Aluminum Rod Tube and Rod Bag

All of our fiberglass rods are hand tested prior to leaving the factory. This testing consists of precise guide placement utilizing static deflection testing, test casting of all fly rods and careful inspection of fit and finish.


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